November 11, 2008: First Day Back on Snow!

I arrived in Colorado yesterday where the temperature was about 40 degrees colder than where I came from. And there was all this white stuff falling from the sky! But it was absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited to start this chapter of my life and get back to the environment that I’m so comfortable in and passionate about.

It’s been about 7 months since the last time I was on snow, so I was a little apprehensive as to how the day would play out. I’ve been happy with my physical conditioning over the past few months, but working out in the gym and surfing were not an exact equivalent to snowboarding! So at the top of the mountain I strapped on my slalom board and went for it with the same attitude and aggression that I had at my last race 7 months ago. Right away things felt natural and being back on snow felt great! My body felt good and the high altitude didn’t take its toll. The only thing that was uncomfortable were my super tight boots, but after being in sandals the whole summer it was to be expected. Overall had an amazing day!

I’ll be training over the next week for the first set of races of my season on Nov. 19th and 20th. Each day is a day closer to the 2010 Winter Olympics – I can’t wait!


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