January 8, 2009: Old Training Grounds

Steamboat Springs, Colorado – It was a beautiful day for my first day back at the training hill in Steamboat Springs since I “semi-retired” three years ago. I trained in Steamboat for two and a half years prior to so it was a little strange yet comfortable to be back on that slope.

We trained slalom today in preparation for tomorrow’s slalom race. It was great to see all the racers train together on the same slope, albeit a little tight with three snowboard courses and a ski course. My first run was very stiff – I haven’t trained much slalom so far this season and my binding setup still isn’t perfect.  (I’m getting a new system shortly so I just have to race this last set of races on my old equipment.) But after being frustrated with that first run, I became focused on exerting more pressure on my back foot and really attacking the course, and that worked! The next few runs were solid and faster, and my coach was happy with my riding. He even said that with each half day my riding is getting better and better. Very encouraging for the day before the race!


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