January 18, 2009: Let the Games Begin!

Eden Serina and Lawrence de Guzman, Philippine Snowboard Team

Eden Serina and Lawrence de Guzman, Philippine Snowboard Team

Sangwoo Resort, Gangwon, Korea – Last night were the opening ceremonies for the Snowboard World Championships. It was really a fantastic event with the parade of nations featuring over 500 athletes from over 40 nations. Priorto we attended a welcome dinner featuring the governor and other government officials, as well as the head of FIS, the official governing body of all skiing and snowboarding.

It was an amazing night! Lawrence (my teammate on the freestyle side) and I carried the flag in front of a cheering crowd and gathered with the other nations to watch a great show that the organizers hosted. There were athletes from countries I had never even heard of! And people were particularly interested in the two of us since there weren’t many tropical countries participating. It was a great night, definitely motivating for the races on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today I trained PGS with the US team. It was a pretty challenging and choppy course, but my new board and bindings fared very well in the tricky sections, and felt stable. The new board is a lot faster than my previous one so while I’m not yet 100% comfortable on it, it was a good decision to bring it over my old board. Overall it was a very good training day with my confidence building on every run. I pushed the limits of the board to see how much it could take before I blew out of the course, and I’ve found that it can really take a lot and still hold an edge. Very happy with today’s training!


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