January 22, 2009: A Great Experience!

Boston, Massachusetts – After over 24 hours of traveling, I finally made it to Boston. Tomorrow I will be driving about six hours to Quebec to compete this weekend, then flying out on Monday for a two week trip in Europe.

Overall my 5th World Championships was a wonderful experience! It was amazing to be amongst the greatest racers in the world and to see athletes that I hadn’t seen in years. One of the highlights was walking in the Opening Ceremonies, waving the flag and giving the audience high-fives. Since all the countries were staying at the same resort it was a great opportunity to meet people of other cultures and make new friends.

It was also a good learning experience from a racing perspective. I will take away valuable lessons, not just from the physical side of things but also the mental and emotional ones as well. Lessons of how I react and what works and what doesn’t work on the racehill. And what I need to work on. I took a lot of video of the other racers to study.

Although I went without a coach or any other officials, I knew I wasn’t alone because of all your well wishes and support. Thank you so much!

With the Local Kids at the Opening Party


1 Response to “January 22, 2009: A Great Experience!”

  1. 1 kayano14 January 24, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Great blogs Eden! It’s great to read about what you experienced and what you learned from each race. Good luck in CAN!

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