January 24, 2009: Unfortunate Law of Averages

Le Relais Resort, Quebec City, Canada – Surprisingly I have been able to adjust to the time zone change from Korea pretty well (hopefully I just didn’t jinx myself for sleeping tonight). I woke up this morning alert and energized and ready to race on the flat slope of cold Quebec.

Unfortunately there was a 45 minute delay in the start of the race, leaving us exposed at the top of the hill in minus 20 degree weather (celsius) and 66% humidity. Extremely cold temps. My toes had already frozen over and the tips of my fingers were numb despite my faux-wool lined mittens. You really had to keep moving around or else your muscles would just slow and become completely unresponsive.

My first run was good; it felt solid and didn’t have any mistakes. Happy with the run. All the girls had gone into the lodge after the first run to warm up before taking the second run. Unfortunately we were in there a bit too long so by the time we got back up to the start of the course they were rushing all the girls to go. In the hurried chaos I pulled out of the start frazzled and without the appropriate focus.

I started the second run fine, building up pressure on my toeside turns to generate more speed. On the fourth heelside gate I thought I DQ’d (disqualified myself by missing a gate) so I slowed down considerably and my thoughts paused. But I kept going and was behind the girl I was racing so I pointed it straight, too straight giving way to a more errors, into the finish, two seconds slower than my first run. Good run + bad run = average runs.

Fortunately my combined time was good enough for the finals. Unfortunately I had to go up against my friend and training-mate who is on the US Team. My first run was okay but I wasn’t moving enough to generate speed off of each turn and that put me down by a second. For the second run my coach told me I needed to have more movement in my turns and not be so static on my board. It was a flat course so you can’t just ride the course, you really have to work the board and move your body to find speed. So for the second run all I focused on was “move! move!” on each and every gate. I forgot about all fear, nervousness, any hestitancy I have with my new board, everything. All I thought about was “move! move!” and it worked! I kept up with her turn for turn, gate for gate. I really went after it and it showed. At the end of the course we were even and I had given my all. I was a bit out of control at the second to the last gate and had to jam to barely make the last gate into the finish. Unfortunately I turned a little too hard and ended up crashing in the soft snow, just inches from the finish beam. I knew I hadn’t made up the second I had lost in the first run but I was proud of my riding. I was focused on moving and really attacking the course, one gate at a time. My coach also said it was some of the better riding he’s seen from me.

So in the finals: one okay run + one great run = a good day!

Quebec Nor-Am Paralle Giant Slalom, Jan 24, 2009


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