February 4, 2009: Shoulder/Heartache

Venice, Italy – I was able to get an earlier flight out of Venice, so the team that I train and travel with dropped me off and headed to Slovakia for the Europa Cups. Ugh. I want to be there so badly, and it was so discouraging to see them go. It was also discouraging when I heard that it will be six weeks and not just four weeks that I’ll be out. That’s practically the end of the season! There’ll be one major race at the end of March where there’ll be a lot of points, but if I’m out for 6 weeks I’ll only have two weeks on snow beforehand. Tough. I’m sad.

I did get a chance to walk around Venice though, somewhere I’ve never been. I’ll admit it was a little lonely. I’ve been surrounded by people for the past five weeks that I’ve been on the road so it was weird being totally by myself. And unfortunately it afforded me a lot of time to think. But it is an amazing city and hopefully one day I’ll have more time to explore it.

So I’ll be home tomorrow and will see an orthopedic doctor to see what type of rehab I need to do.  I’m not yet sure what that entails; I think I have to completely immobilize my arm, but hopefully I’ll still be able to go to the gym and do lower body lifting and balance drills. It’s going to be so difficult to not workout how I normally do, but I’ll make it work. I’m going to do everything I can to speed up the healing process, so if anyone has any additional advice please let me know!

Eden in Venice, Feb 04, 2009


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