February 8, 2009: One Week Down, 5 (?) To Go

Home, California– It’s been a week since I dislocated my shoulder. I got back into L.A. three days ago and have been babying my shoulder, and therefore my body, ever since. My shoulder’s still a little achy and wakes me up when I sleep. It’s amazing how much the shoulder is involved with most of the body’s movement! It’s also amazing how much I’ve taken use of my right hand and arm for granted.

I’m going to see the doctor tomorrow so hopefully he’ll have good news. Although I’m not sure what “good” news would mean. Four weeks of immobilization instead of six? Or maybe that I’m a super-healer so I can start physical therapy next week? (I’ve been watching way too many Heroes episodes.)

But my general plan is to return to the gym in two days and do non-impact lower body lifting on machines, left arm weights, core resistance training and cardio on the bike. And lots of visualization and studying video to keep snowboarding fresh in my mind. I’m definitely itching to be back on snow ASAP.

I really hope I get good news tomorrow.


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