February 15, 2009: Slow Going

Home, California – It has been two weeks since my shoulder injury and each day seems to just drag on and on. The doctor reviewed my MRI and there is a tear of the anterior labrum. He said in cases such as these they normally recommend surgery, but a nonoperative rehabiliation may also be successful. Surgery would cost me another 4 weeks of immobilization, so I’m definitely going the other route at least for now.

I’ve returned to the gym and have been doing lower body work and left arm lifting. The only cardio I can do with minimal bouncing and jarring is the bike and eliptical machine. It’s a bit sad for me to look around at all the able-bodied people working out their entire upper body. I want to tell them to really strengthen their upper body and not take advantage of the fact that their shoulders are in proper working condition!

So it’s been a little tough and I’m definitely getting restless. It still amazes me how much we use both hands/arms in simple everyday things, like tying shoelaces and putting my hair back in a ponytail. (Using chopsticks lefty has been very challenging.) I’ve realized that most of my hobbies and things I enjoy doing revolve around sports and I can’t do any of them! My body is so ansy and wants to get moving and do things that it used to be able to do. I find myself pacing a lot. Of course I do have a lot of non-physical things to do (visualizations, updating my website, reading my sports psychology books, etc.) but I’m not used to being so sedentary. At least I am able to workout.

I’ll be going back to Colorado as soon as I’m cleared for physical therapy. I doubt I’ll be able to get back on snow right when I get there, but working out and just being in the high elevation will be beneficial. And seeing and living in the snow again will help me stay focused and motivated, and get me used to the cold temps again!


1 Response to “February 15, 2009: Slow Going”

  1. 1 kayano14 February 21, 2009 at 1:48 am

    Keep plugging away, Eden!

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