February 22, 2009: Starting Physical Therapy!

Home, California – It has been three weeks since I injured my shoulder. It has actually gone by rather quickly. I’ve also been fighting off a sinus infection so that hasn’t been fun but I’m definitely on the up and up with regards to the shoulder and sinus issues (knock on wood!).

This coming week I’ll be starting physical therapy. I’m very much looking forward to that not only because it gets me closer to being on snow, but also because my right arm is so puny! I’ve been working out regularly in the gym, focusing on lower body strength, but also beefing up my left arm and shoulder so it doesn’t happen to that side… ever. Needless to say my upper body is quite uneven and strange looking.

I’m headed to Colorado in a week to finish my therapy and get on snow as soon as I can. It’ll also be good for my conditioning to workout in the higher elevations and get used to the cold weather again. If all goes well with my therapy and freeriding, I’ll likely go to Poland in the middle of March for their national championships and two opportunities to get the points I need to qualify for the Olympics. After Poland are the Nor-Am Finals, a hefty points race, and then possibly a quick jaunt to France for their national championships. Because of my shoulder I have missed many races and thus many opportunities to get points so I need to get in as many races as possible before the season ends in April.

Thank you everyone for all your well wishes and inspirational stories! It means a lot to me and makes the recovery process much more bearable.


1 Response to “February 22, 2009: Starting Physical Therapy!”

  1. 1 Colorado Physical Therapy February 23, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    Isn’t it amazing how quickly your muscles waste away when you have an injury.

    Good luck with the rehab and the snow is good here in Colorado.

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