March 24, 2009: Vive La France!

Denver Airport, Colorado Well I”m on my way to my last big snowboard trip of the season! This trip will take me to southern France for two races, then to Montreal for two races, and then back to southern France for the French National Championships. It is imperative that I get points at these last races of the season; I need 50 points to to compete at the first of six Olympic qualifiying World Cups (first one is in October), and 100 points to fulfill one of the two criteria for the Olympics.

Physically I feel good. I took a few days off from the snow so my body feels well rested and I am eager to get back on snow. I saw my awesome physical therapist, Neil Masters, one last time and he said that my shoulder was in a good spot and now I just need to focus on strengthening it. I have almost all my range of motion back. Thanks Neil!

I am a little nervous though since it is the end of the season and I really need to get a few good results. But I have to have faith in myself and my training that it is enough to take me to where I need to go. No more excuses – I’m here to race.


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