March 26, 2009: First Race Back!

Isola 2000, France – Got to the south of France yesterday! The flight over was good – I was able to sleep most of the way on both flights and got to Nice the most awake I’d ever been coming over to Europe. The drive into the mountains was beautiful with a cloudless day and awesome views.

The resort is in a valley of mountains and it is amazing! I did a few runs this morning to check out the race slope and get a feel for the snow. The snow was pretty firm when the lifts were open and I was pretty stiff for the first few runs. I’m a little nervous since it’ll be my first race in 7 weeks since my shoulder incident, but I’m glad that I had the opportunity to train in Calgary and get in gates before this race.

The race slope is challenging. It starts off a little flat and then drops into a steady, pretty steep pitch. We didn’t get a chance to ride on the slope so I don’t know how the snow is or how steep it is. But I’d rather have it steep than flat so it should be a good course to get back in the swing of things!


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