April 20, 2009: Physical Testing

Calgary, Canada – Today I had physical testing, which comprised of different tests, mainly jumps and agility, to gauge where I am at currently. It will be used as a benchmark to measure how I am coming into next season (summer conditioning results) and as a comparison to the other athletes on the team.

Overall the trainer said it was pretty good. I did fine in comparison to the other girls and I had the best girl result in a couple of the agility tests . But where I failed was the 90-second box jump test where I got the lowest score. (You jump laterally from the ground to the top of the box and down to the other side, and then reverse and see how many times you can complete a circuit in 90 seconds.) It was probably one of the hardest physical tests I have ever done (more difficult than racing a 5k!) because your body reaches a point where it fails and my muscles couldn’t fire anymore. They were totally exhausted and just wouldn’t do what I wanted them to do. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that, and it’s quite discouraging.

But the good thing is I know what areas to work on. And while I’m pretty down about the box jump test, my disgust with myself has definitely fueled me to work harder and get better results next time. I can’t let something like this, something that I can control, hinder my chances at getting to the Olympics. Gotta work harder.


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