April 22, 2009: Happy Earth Day!

Calgary, Canada – Today we were just training in the gym, but it was a brutal circuit training session. I even started to get a little light headed towards the end. Our circuit today consisted of eight stations with 30 second intervals each, and three times around: quick feet stepups, weighted single arm lifts, wobble board pushups, quick feet sidesteps, weighted overhead thrusts, jump rope, the dreaded box jump, standing weighted reverse chest press.

Wasn’t sure where the energy came from but I think I did okay. I’m figuring out some techniques for the box jump so hopefully with more practice I’ll get better and faster at it. My teammate, Ekat, and I also did a three round circuit of core (crunches, Russian twists, leg lifts, high hip leg raises) and then pull ups at the end. In a few hours we going to do a second session of bike sprints and upper body weights in the gym since it’s snowing outside!

Tomorrow we’re riding slalom in the morning and then switching to our freestyle boards for an afternoon session. It’s been an exhausting week so far but all in all good.


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