April 27, 2009: Feeling Strong

Calgary, Canada – Today we were at the gym and started with a seven station circuit, which had the normal stuff plus the dreaded box jump. And this time we did 45 second intervals instead of 30, 3 times around.

My first box jump was a dismal 33 and painful. I didn’t sleep as well or as much as I would have liked so I woke up already tired. But excuses aside. One of the girls had 43, 10 more than me! Pathetic. The second time around was slightly better at 36 which is a little surprising because the first round of the entire circuit was pretty exhausting but I managed to do a few more than last round. Top girl was 45. Errr. For the last round I was so pissed to be so far behind that I really honed in my focus and committed myself to do at least 40. The first twenty went by pretty easily and I even took a one-second break at 18. The I just kept going with a rhythm. I didn’t really die towards the end like I had before and by the time it was done I was at 42. Top girl was at 48 but I’m happy that I was able  to stir up something inside of me and reach my goal. But I still have work to do with that one.

I also think I figured out a few ‘secrets’ to doing the box jump. Like not to land far away from the box so that when you jump back up you’re essentially jumping up and not up and over. Also as soon as my feet hit the floor to quickly bounce back up again and stay on the balls of my feet. I think before I was landing full foot and then bending my knees again to get back up on the box, doubling my effort. So the longest ‘rest’ is on the box and not on the sides. So I’m glad to be figuring out the technique of it so it’s not so gruesome!

This afternoon my teammate, Ekat, and I went back to the gym for an afternoon session. We did an abs circuit then sprints on the treadmill of 45 second intervals (at 8.0 then rest for 75 seconds, 4 sets) and then did longer more endurance sprints on the bike (2 minutes on, 1 off, levels 10-12 with rpms over 90, 3 sets). It was a lot more intense than our previous afternoon workout with the same time-frame.

I’ll have to admit I’m pretty exhausted! I feel like for the past couple of weeks that I’ve been up here I’ve been in a constant state of fatigue. But overall I feel good and that I’m getting stronger and my conditioning has improved immensely. I’m even starting to like the box jump!


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