May 28, 2009: Back to GS

Mammoth, California – Today was my first day on my GS board since French Nationals, seven weeks ago! I put new bindings on it and sucked up the fact that the springs on my boots are too soft.

It took a few runs to get comfortable again. Especially with the speed. We had been working on our slalom boards most of the spring and while the turns are quicker, riding slalom is not as fast (or as scary). In my first few runs I found my back foot twisting a lot within the boot making for awkward transitions and some very uncomfortable close calls. But after consciously making the effort to use my feet/legs in unison so they’re working in sync and not against each other, things came together nicely.

I mainly focused on driving that hip down on the beginning of the turn before the fall line, and building a good platform. My coach previously suggested driving the inside hand down to the ground to get the hip down and the board up on edge and that seemed to work well. I could have used another hour or so of freeriding but the snow conditions were deteriorating rapidly with the 60+ degree temps, and the super soft snow made riding a little risky. So I switched to my freestyle board and took a few fun runs in the slush.

Tomorrow I’ll be riding with my teammate, Jondre Mina! We haven’t ridden together all season so I’m very excited to have the team together again.

I also want to thank Clay and the folks at Davison St. Guest House for a warm and welcoming place to stay! If you’re ever in the Mammoth area, this place is awesome, affordable and friendly. Highly recommend it!


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