May 29, 2009: Tough Conditions

Mammoth, California – I expected my last day of freeriding to be similar as the first two but the lack of consistency in the morning weather did not produce beautfiul clear sunny skies. The first hour was sunny with warm temps causing the snow to soften and allowing for deep tracks but oncoming overcast and somewhat stormy skies dropped the temps and froze those tracks making riding across them difficult and sometimes painful.

But my teammate Jondre and I kept going, riding the unpleasant conditions as best as we could. I was definitely feeling the effects of the last two days of riding and the high altitude; my legs were a little sluggish and my energy was wavering. So we took a few more breaks than normal to make sure that the runs themselves had high energy and focus.

Overall my GS riding was okay. The conditions were blah and I tweaked my ankle a few times on some of the hard bumps. But it was good to be in those types of conditions and feel the bumps and figure out what to do with them. I also got a chance to test ride the Vist plates (plates underneath the bindings that extend about half of the length of the board to add dampness and height) that a lot of the girls are riding on, but ultimately I didn’t like them. Their weight felt like it bogged down the board, and while it was nice to just plow through the soft, rutted snow I lost some feeling with the board and my ability to move the board quickly. It felt too unnatural and I want to keep things as simple as possible.

The next time I’ll be on snow is in less than a month, on June 20th in Whistler. While I didn’t have the greatest days of technical freeriding, I’m glad I was able to get some time on the snow for mileage and familiarity before the next camp.


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