June 21, 2009: Low Visibility

Whistler, Canada – Today was a difficult day. When we got up on the glacier, fog/storm clouds had socked in the mountain and didn’t let go leaving us with about 50 feet of visibility at the top of the run and decreasing to sometimes only 8 feet! The fog made it hard to decipher where the ground was and where it dropped off. Thankfully we had some markers in the run to make sure we were going down the hill and not off the side!

We just freerode today, no drills, with the coach just giving us individual feedback after each run. My focus was to work on getting the hips down at the top of the turn so the maximum angle of the board to the snow is at the top of the turn, before the fall line. A few times I thought the ground was higher/flatter than it was and so I would get tossed into the backseat and lose complete control of the board. I got pretty freaked out after that and as soon as I’d hit a patch of fog, the aggression leaked out of me.

So it was frustrating. But I did feel like I had a few good turns within part of a run. My last few runs I went top to bottom regardless of visibility and found that I was hauling out of control. My coach said that it was probably because I was in the backseat, putting me out of control. He also said that I had good progression over the past ten months and that it was nice to now tell me to do something and I would understand what he was saying and would do it.

I rode the risers again today and still liked them. I did notice that my legs grew tired, possibly due to the additional weight on the board and having to slow down and stop multiple times during the run because of the fog. The t-bar also tired my legs and back but enough excuses.

I didn’t feel like today was as good as yesterday, but my coach said that today was definitely better. He said I was standing over the board better and was in a good body position. But I still have to work on driving that hip down before the fall line on my heelside. Ah!

So while it didn’t feel like a good day to me, it was good according to my coach. I’ll just have to take his word on that. The hour ride down the hill (three lifts and one bus ride) was pretty miserable with the freezing then pouring rain soaking my already drenched clothes that were cold and sticking to my skin. The not so glamourous side of snowboarding. But I still love it.


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