July 14, 2009: Slow Burn

Los Angeles, California – Ah I’m so frustrated! I got back from the cruise just a couple of days ago and I’m already frustrated.

It was a great cruise! Strangely it wasn’t as relaxing as I thought it would be. There were plenty of activities to do and tons and tons of food to eat, and that combined with working out a few hours a day did not make for total relaxation. But it was still amazing! Cruise ships are truly an engineering marvel. With 2,000 people aboard and huge theaters and restaurants, I have no idea how those things stay afloat.

Because of my very high food intake I worked out way more than I had intended. I think I only took one of the seven days off. Granted two of the days were just for the sake of burning dessert calories through long cardio sessions, I still forced myself to wake up early and do my routine. Looking back it wasn’t the best thing for giving my body a break but at the time I couldn’t just eat all that food and do nothing!

But back to the frustration. I don’t know if it’s LA or the seasons, but the past few times I’ve returned to LA even from small trips I’ve had a terrible time adjusting. My lungs become more mucus-y, on a smaller scale of what I had earlier this year, my eyes become itchy, and my sinuses get cloughed. Especially this past time going from 50 degree temps to 90 has definitely taken a toll on me. I worked out really hard yesterday and completely depleted myself. I was exhausted and strangely lethargic despite a nap and fruit smoothie (my favorite pick me up). I didn’t even have the energy for my afternoon workout. My head started pounding in the afternoon and is still with me even now, 24 hours later.

What’s wrong with me!? Am I slowly burning out? Admittedly I am getting tired of the gym; I’m going to have to move my workouts outdoors. Thankfully I am seeing strength gains in the gym so that’s encouraging but I’m also fearful that my quickness is suffering a tad. So I should continue to incorporate speed drills along with my strength training, but then comes the fatigue. Ah! Why can’t I just do it all!

Maybe it’s the weather. Hopefully it’s the heat zapping my energy. I do know that I cannot wait to get back on snow for both the training and the cold. Only 16 more days!

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska July 2009

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska July 2009


1 Response to “July 14, 2009: Slow Burn”

  1. 1 Bob Hyten July 20, 2009 at 12:22 am

    You need to listen to your body more. If it says you are doing too much, then you are. A good hard workout leaves you slumping in a chair with feeling of uforia (spelled wrong.

    When you wake the next day you should feel mild stiffness not total soreness. If you are training at the right level you could train without days off by doing hard-easy-hard-easy workouts.For a highly motivated athlete it is sometimes better for the rest days not to be scheduled rather taken when you are fatigued or your schedule is too busy. That way rest is a reward not slacking off.

    All analysis of your workouts and training on the coarse should be done in a positive way …. ”That was good. This needs to be tweeked.“ ”Now I understand what need to do.“ Maybe your coach is like me … Forgetting to say ”You got that right. Now let’s work on this.“ … Anxious to get on to the next important point thinking you understand that moving on means one problem has been solved.

    Keep it positive … Always … About everything.

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