July 3, 2009: A Needed Break

Los Angeles, California – Since coming back from my snowboard camp at Whistler 10 days ago, I have been a madwoman in and out of the gym. I’m following the program that the team trainer has given me but in my somewhat panic mode and mentality of having to do above and beyond what everyone else is doing and realizing how fast the summer is flying by, I’ve tacked on about 50% more to each day’s workout. Definitely hitting my limits. Feeling fatigued all the time despite my daily naps and healthy portions of food. By day four this week it became a real mental battle to finish my workout and I could feel a wee bit of dread of climbing sand dunes afterwards seep into my mind. But I did it and felt good after. But still tired.

I’m still trying to figure out what the right amount of recovery or off days is needed, and when. The prescribed five days on, two days off isn’t working for me especially since I almost double the workout load. I’ve tried three days on, one off, but then I feel like I’m not doing enough. I guess I just need to keep trying different combinations and see what works.

Tomorrow I’m heading on a family Alaskan cruise. I’ve never been on a real cruise before so this should be fun and provide the relaxation that I need to re-energize and give my body a break. I still plan to work out (I hear the gym is really nice) and will definitely eat my weight in the wonderful food I keep hearing about!


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