August 10, 2009: Shut Down

Mt. Hutt, New Zealand – We were scheduled to leave for the mountain at 6:15am in order to get on the lift and start training by 7:30am. But right as we were getting into the car, we got the call saying that strong winds forced the mountain to close. So were on hold until 8:30am when the next call would be made.

Later that morning we were told that one of the lifts was running so we made our way up, but by the time we got there winds were blowing hard again and the lifts were shut down. After two and a half hours of waiting for the winds to die on, we called it a day and drove back home.

I’m super ansy to get back on snow again. After my talk with Nate I really want to try the new things to focus on. I’ve visualized them and have set my verbal cues when I ride. I know conditions get a bit windy down here but I really want to go ride (whiney voice)! This is a good test of patience and not getting frustrated with things out of my control. Unfortunately tomorrow’s forecast is very windy so we’ll probably be shut out again. Oh brother.


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