August 13, 2009: Drenched

Mt. Hutt, New Zealand – Once again our early morning call of 6:15am got pushed back due to impending heavy snowfall. Luckily we weren’t delayed too long and loaded the van at 8am.

When we got up to the hill there was no wind at all! But there was a steady rain which led to hard visibility and slushy and inconsistent snow. After the first run everything was sopping wet, including my hands inside my gloves which then freeze by the time I got back to the chairlift. But there was no wind!

In those situations I kind of have to just accept it and not complain. The more I complain the more miserable it becomes. So I tried to have a positive attitude and just accept the fact that my soaked gloves felt like weights which actually helped me to keep my arms down. Also the slushy conditions in the course forced me to stay online because if I got the least bit offline I would end in the super slushy stuff and almost come to a halt. It also was a bit slower in the course and that gave me time to really focus on staying forward.

All I thought about in the course was to stay forward and I think I did. It’s a different feeling from the way I normally ride so I can’t say for sure that I did it or not but I noticed that when I was driving forward (which I felt like I was doing the entire length of the course; my front leg was definitely getting a workout) I wouldn’t get bucked from the course, which I would have been in those conditions¬† if I had been in the backseat, and I wasn’t bottom turning. I have this problem particularly on my heelside so coming out of each heelside I just thought ‘forward, forward’ and was able to move out of the turn easier and set up for the toeside. Of course there were a few turns that I was late on the pressure and it threw me offline (on one run I got thrown 3 times) but that was because I was bottom turning and taking too straight of a line. That was my second run and it didn’t happen again. So I’m learning!

So overall a good, productive day. I think we should have days like these where the conditions are way less than perfect to see how we mentally can deal with it. And like Coach Mark said, the course is a coach in itself. It’ll make it clear as day if you aren’t riding correctly.

Tonight at our meeting Coach Mark gave us a great pep-talk about giving 100% each and every run, doing your very best each day on and off the snow, and putting your heart in it. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the indirect snowboard stuff, like funding, my progression to the Olympics, political requirements, etc., that I don’t live in the present. For most days I feel like I do my best but I know there are days that I’m easily distracted by all the other stresses. So it was a good reminder that I need to give my absolute 100% very best each and every day.

On a health note I’m not feeling 100%. My sleep hasn’t been as restful and today when we got down from the mountain I felt the oncoming of a sore throat and general fatigue, the tiredness I get just a few days before getting sick. So instead of recovery training in the gym I took the afternoon off and took a solid 2 hour nap. I definitely felt better and rested so hopefully I can kick this thing before it starts.


2 Responses to “August 13, 2009: Drenched”

  1. 1 Bob Hyten August 13, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    Hi Eden….

    Good for you … Deciding to take a nap before you got sick.

    I know nothing about snowboarding but I read your blogs with interest … Trying to get into the mind if an Olympian.

    I have question tho … Do you over-analise your movements? Or more to the point, you seldom seem to find anything positive in what you have done. Everyday you must give yourself credit for what you did accomplish. What ever you accomplish … However little it might be … Brings you closer to your goal.

    Every day you should look in the mirror and see the smiling face I saw at the airport and the smiling face I see on the internet. Reward your self with that smile.


    • 2 eden2010 August 15, 2009 at 7:01 am

      Thanks Bob. I really appreciate your comments and words of wisdom. I do have a great tendency to overanalyze, overthink and overcriticize myself but I think I’m getting better at not being so hard on myself, giving myself more time to progress and enjoying the process. I’ll try to remember to look in the mirror and smile.


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