September 2, 2009: Lucky Break

Mt. Hutt, New Zealand – At noon we got the call to go up the hill. Yay! When we got up there it was slightly windy but it was a clear, sunny day. The snow was a bit soft because of the accumulation from last night, so it was a challenging course.

For my first couple of runs I didn’t want to pressure too hard on my edge and eject myself like I did before at the race so I kept the pressure light and focused on staying forward, looking up and trying to feel the pull of gravity. It felt pretty smooth and easy. But in soft conditions, the light pressure worked really well; powering the board would have been too harsh and would have slowed the board down, which I found out on the third run when I dug too deep on a toeside and went down. The next few runs were okay, not as fast because I couldn’t stay with the rut and would get into the soft stuff. But on my sixth run the heel bail on my front foot broke but thankfully I was able to stay in the binding until I finished the course. But I couldn’t ride it anymore so that was the end of my day.

Overall it was good. Today was more of a ‘feeling’ day as opposed to technique and for the first few runs I had good feeling.


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