September 16, 2009: Off to Amsterdam!

Los Angeles Airport, California – I’m off to Amsterdam officially start the season! There are two races at an indoor ski slope about two hours south of Amsterdam. Unfortunately I’m saddled with a cold but hopefully I’ll be able to kick it once I get there. I have almost two whole days before the races so I’m planning to rest up and mentally prepare. My goal is to get the 100 FIS points needed to satisfy one of the two Olympic criteria, and that means getting a podium at both races. So excited!


1 Response to “September 16, 2009: Off to Amsterdam!”

  1. 1 Chris Wallisch September 16, 2009 at 11:44 pm

    Best of success achieving your dream as it is right before — right now! I sat by you on the flight from LAX to IAD on 16 Sep 2009.

    Saw the video clip from your website (channel 4 from Denver). Awesome! You fly through those gates!

    best regards,

    Chris Wallisch

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