October 18, 2009: First Day of the Rest of My Life

Los Angeles Airport, California – I’m at the airport in LA awaiting my flight to Colorado to begin what I’m viewing as the most intense period of my entire life. I have to admit it’s scary. But it’s also exciting and tremendous and intimidating and hopeful and wonderful. This is life and I’m living it for all that it’s meant to be for me, and experiencing the total gamut of emotions that accompany it.

For the past few days I’ve been a little anxiety ridden about what’s to come. It’s weird to think that the next time I see my parents in a couple of months, I could be ecstatically happy or discouraged, emotions on the complete opposite spectrum. The past ten years of my life have all been leading up to the next few months. All the work, sacrifices, lessons, disappointments, breakthroughs, good times and bad, everything is culminating to form the person I’m going to be in the next few months to face the greatest challenge of my career. I think the thing that is keeping me from going full-blown into a whirlwind of panic is the fact that I’ve trained really hard this summer, done the best that I can do and am ready to take what’s mine. The anxiety hasn’t been all negative; I’m anxious to see what I’m made of and how far I’ve come and how far I’m going to go. And while it has been of mix of emotions flooding my mind, heart and tummy, I feel alive.

No more playing around, this is it and I’m psyched to go. I want it so badly I can taste it.


1 Response to “October 18, 2009: First Day of the Rest of My Life”

  1. 1 Lawrence October 26, 2009 at 4:09 am

    Ya Eden, I got your back. Go for it!!!

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