October 21, 2009: Dialing In the Boots

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado –Although it was expected to snow heavily last night, it only dusted a couple of inches. But it was cold enough for artificial snow making which is good for conditions, but not so good for my LA summer skin.

Eager to beat the crowds, I got to the resort in plenty of time to get ready and find my place in line to wait for the lifts to open. It was a blustery day, completely opposite of the sunny, warm temps from yesterday, and I think that deterred people because the crowd was manageable. .

My first few runs on my GS board were free and clear of people, and the snow felt great. I worked on getting forward and staying aggressive at each turn, as well as getting used to the speed. I even had the thought of riding like one of the top racers and letting the board run. After several runs my riding felt really good and I was pretty psyched but I was developing shin bang on my inner back leg and decided to call it before it bruised too badly. Shin bang is the worst; once it gets to a really bruised point you can’t ride on it for a few days and it never really heals until the end of the season.

I got my boots worked on by the great guys over at Surefoot so hopefully that’ll solve the problem. We’ll see tomorrow!


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