October 22, 2009: Toeside Trouble

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado – It was 14 degrees this morning when I jumped on the lift. 14 degrees! But it surprisingly didn’t feel that cold, and the cloudless sky made up for it. Winter is definitely here.

There was still only one run open but the snow was good. It was a mix of artificial and natural snow but the base was firm and grippy. The inconsistency was a little challenging so I really had to stay forward and on top of the board. Today I focused just on bending the nose of the board at the beginning of the turn. My heelsides felt good and turny; the responsiveness that the new liners give and the lateral stiffness they provide allow me to trust a higher board angle and carve cleaner. But I am having a problem on my toeside edge. When I try to pressure my backfoot to come out of the turn, my boot collapses down and my body compresses putting me in the backseat of the board and at a loss of control. I’m going to switch out the spring on the back to a stiffer one and hopefully that’ll solve that problem. I also found myself getting into a lower stance through some of the bumpy terrain which made it easier to stay balanced and not get thrown so easily.

So it was another good day on snow. I just need to get mileage and take as many runs as possible. It’s a bit difficult when the one run gets congested with people and I have to wait for a clearing before I go (which sometimes takes several minutes), but all in all I’m just happy to be out riding again.


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