October 30, 2009: Riding Soft Snow

Arapahoe Basin, Colorado – When I got in the car this morning, I thought, “Oh no, this is going to be a nasty drive.” Several times on my journey to the mountain when it was so whiteout that I had to wear my goggles to drive and speeds topped out at about 35 mph on the freeway due to snowpacked and icy roads, I thought about turning back. But snowboarding was calling and I needed to answer.

It wasn’t as cold as two days ago, but it had snowed a few inches more than I had expected. I don’t always look forward to soft conditions on a race board because you can dig the board too deep and wash out, and eventually the runs get cut up making for a bumpy ride. But it’s a good lesson in balance and discipline so I was gung-ho.

The first run was amazing. There were quite a few people ahead of me when I got to the lift but I still managed to get a super smooth, untouched part of the run, something worth waking up an extra half hour early. Of course I dug in too deep on my heelside and washed out, but it was a lesson on staying forward and adjusting to the soft snow. I focused on staying forward and aggressive on the subsequent runs, and they felt good, despite the choppy snow. And my boots felt snug.

Unfortunately the crowds took over and I had to call it a day but I was happy with my riding. I have one more day of freeriding before the team gets here and the intense training begins.

World's Smallest Snowman

World's Smallest Snowman


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