November 9, 2009: Carve, Carve, Carve

Copper Mountain, Colorado – Today was not a great day. I was hoping to build upon yesterday’s good riding, but tough snow conditions combined with a difficult turny set and low energy did not help the situation. I tried to stay focus and aggressive but tiredness and lack of sleep got the best of me.

Right from the first run I could feel myself struggle through the course. Similar to my last 5k race, but with snowboard racing I don’t have the time to take it easy on a couple of gates to muster the strength for the rest of the course. Each gate was a fight; obviously because I was late and didn’t take the right line. And I couldn’t find the fight in me.

I had a couple of decent runs where I was able to find the right line, but would make a mistake that cost time. I didn’t get too down on myself though and was able to maintain a somewhat positive attitude. After we did video, Coach Mark told me I need to carve, carve, carve and have that in my head for every single run, and when I put the board on edge my body has to be moving down the hill to initiate a clean carve.

Tomorrow is our last day of training before the race. We’ll be simulating a race day so that’ll be good practice. My focus will be to get down that hill as fast as possible and to carve, carve, carve.


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