November 10, 2009: Excited to Race!

Copper Mountain, Colorado – Today we had a simu-race day, with two inspection and two qualification runs stripped down to our racesuits. We were to treat the day exactly as if it was a race day, down to prepping our boards with race wax and doing our pre-race routine.

My focus for today was to get down as fast as I could by being aggressive and mimicking one of the top girl racers that I’ve been watching. My first run felt pretty good. I was attacking the course and didn’t run scared or fearful of falling. I had a little trouble with a gate that was wide set but other than that it felt great! I got the thrill of racing again and loved it. That run was about 1.5 seconds out of the top girls time.

The second run was good up until that one nasty gate. I thought I set up properly for it but I held on to the pressure too long and wasn’t looking ahead to the next gate and ejected way too wide. I held on and tried to correct as fast as possible, but I had lost too much speed and time. It’s amazing to me how one little gate can cost so much time.

I took four more runs for the day, working on perfecting that one gate while maintaining an aggressive attitude. Miraculously I didn’t crash all day even though I was going for it. I was able to clean up that one gate but had problems with other ones. My last run for the day felt smooth, even some of the turns felt like I was just freeriding (a good thing).

So overall it was a really good day technically. More importantly, I had a lot of fun racing the course and realized my love for racing again. Sad to think that it is my last day of training ever on Copper Mountain.


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