November 21, 2009: Human Slalom

Keystone, Colorado – Today was a crowded Saturday at Keystone. I knew it was going to be packed, but I figured the expanded terrain that Keystone offered over other resorts would help dissipate the people. It did at first, but after an hour, people were swarming like bees around a hive. People had stopped and scattered throughout the run making it challenging to get a solid run. So I would basically just get through the difficult parts as fast as possible, and then stop and wait for the crowds to clear on the last pitch and work on technical stuff. But despite the crowds it was so fun! On the last pitch I would get the ‘carve’ feeling again, especially on the toeside, and on the heelside I just have to remember to get a higher board edge angle so the board doesn’t slide as much. Overall it was another really good day. If I can continue to freeride like this in the gates I’ll be in good shape.


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