November 22, 2009: Freestyle Play Day!

Vail, Colorado – Since my race board was at the ‘doctor’ getting fixed after I hit a rock and dinged up the base (very sad moment for me), I took up my soft boots and freestyle board for a play day at Vail. There was only one major run open and the snow was a little icy and hard with a smattering of rocks, but I still had a blast and once again rediscovered my love for snowboarding.

I took about eight runs despite the crowded slope and slick terrain. I would basically just bomb down the hill as fast as I could go, scaring myself and probably others along the way, and then try to take these mini jumps and not eat it. Then I would carve little turns or do big sweeping cutbacks. It was so fun! I love being on my freestyle board; I can just go and be myself without worrying about perfect technique.

The crazy thing is I was able to get the calmness and serenity that I usually get in the water. I rarely have that when snowboarding, mostly due to the fact that I’m on a raceboard and always working on something. But it was wonderful to give my mind a break and just enjoy the moment and the feeling of flying, which is why I fell in love with the sport in the first place. When I was up there today, everything was as right as rain.


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