November 26, 2009: Amendment

Fugen, Austria – I just had a sit down with Coach Mark and watched video of today, which wasn’t as horrible as I thought. We had a good discussion and I told him my issue of being too conservative on the first runs to make sure that I finish them. We talked about having the same mentality in training for the first two runs that I have on race day. The funny thing is that on race day I’m so much more relaxed because I don’t think about technical stuff; I can block out all the external pressure and just think about going fast and believing and trusting in myself. But I need to focus on things that I can control (I named intensity/energy of each run and confidence) and keep things in the positive and not focused on the negative (i.e. don’t crash). It was a good talk and while I still feel a little stressed about today’s riding, Coach Mark’s reassurance that he’s seen me ride fast at least in portions of runs made me feel a whole lot better. (Thanks Mark!)

The technical stuff that came out of today’s riding is that I have to drive/move my legs through the turns, using both legs. I’ve been so focused on getting forward that I’ve forgotten or neglected to use my back leg to drive through the turns. And when I come out of each turn I need to put my energy down the hill and not up (standing up).

So while there still is technical stuff to work on, tomorrow’s main focus will be on clearing my head of the technical, and putting energy and confidence in my riding.


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