November 26, 2009: Bad Day of Training

Fugen, Austria – Today was a crappy day of training. I couldn’t get my heelside to work at all in the turny course. Last night Coach Mark told us the importance of getting the first two runs of the day as our fastest since those two would be the qualification runs on race days. So with that in mind I took a very conservative first run to make sure I finished the run and didn’t blow out. I took a round line to make sure I didn’t cut off my heelside turn, and while it was fairly clean it was also conservative and slow. Coach Mark said I wasn’t moving my legs enough; I was just tipping the board over on edge and just standing on it instead of working through the turns.

So for the second run he told me to move my legs and I did but at the sacrifice of my line. I pinched heelside gates too much and it was a messy run but it was slightly faster. For the rest of the day I focused on moving my legs but my heelsides sucked. I couldn’t get the board on edge or was leaning over in a weird way; it didn’t just feel like my normal heelsides. But on the positive my toesides were pretty good. I think it was the only thing saving me from completely horribly slow runs. Then Coach Mark told me to use my back leg more to move the board through. It did get slightly better but overall the day just didn’t go well. I tried to change my thinking on various runs and either focus on just one thing or not focus on anything at all and just ‘flip the switch’ and get down as fast as I could, but nothing really worked well. It was a struggle to not get too down on myself and while I kept doing runs until the end of the session, I just wanted to go home and sulk.

I’m hoping it had something to do with fatigue from jet lag since I just didn’t feel like myself today and yesterday was a much better day. I’m desperately trying to stay positive and convert all the negativity to power and motivation but right now it’s difficult. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will make the difference.

Hope you have a nice Thanksgiving!


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