November 28, 2009 – Disappointing Race

Fugen, Austria – Today was German National Championships which at first I thought would be a good opportunity for me to get points until I saw the start list with over 100 girls registered, including about 20 World Cup riders. Probably one of the largest races I’ve ever raced, and one of the lowest start numbers I’ve ever had, 69th.

The course was fairly straightforward, not as turny as courses we had been training and with no real problem areas. My focus was to go fast and ride with confidence, and not think too much. I had a good pull out of the start but felt a little shakey for the first few gates. The girl I was racing got ahead of me in the steeper section of the course (which really wasn’t that steep but was the only area to get speed for the flats) when I was cutting off my heelsides too tight and just sliding them. I was able to catch up in the steeps and we crossed the finish at the same time but it wasn’t fast enough to garner a second run (they take the top 16 riders of each course to do a second run in the opposite course). I ended up a disappointing 69th, exactly my bib number.

I was later told by another rider that my toesides were good and speed generating, but my heelsides were so slidey and speed halting. She said that there was a noticeable difference between the two turns, with my toesides offsetting my slow heelsides. Coach Mark concurred and said I need to work on building a higher platform. I think the main problem is that coming out of my toeside turn I aim the board directly at the next stubby (and not the place I should initiate my turn) and therefore start the turn too late vertically but too early horizontally and end up sliding and then bottom turning below the stubby, scrubbing a lot of speed and moving a lot of snow.

So, ugh. There were no tears today but close. Just trying to stay positive and keep working hard and believing that things will come together in time.


1 Response to “November 28, 2009 – Disappointing Race”

  1. 1 kayano14 December 1, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Keep your head up, Eden! It’s great that you are getting multiple points of feedback to help you next time.

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