December 4, 2009: More Freeriding Bliss

San Vigilio, Italy – Today is the day before the PGS Europa Cup. Normally we don’t train the day before the race but since we haven’t been on snow consistently we threw in a training day. From yesterday’s freeriding I wanted to work more on technical, particularly getting the board up on edge and trying to slice my heelside turn while maintaining a high edge change and keeping the board in the fallline. So I decided to just freeride that day and get comfortable on this new way of riding.

Coach Mark saw improvement in my riding and I had a blast! I rode mostly with another racer and we just kept doing run after run, taking short breaks. I might have done one too many runs but it was the type of day where on the gondola ride up I could feel my legs and would think, ‘this will be my last run,’ but after the run I would think, ‘oh, one more’! I’m glad to have ended the day with good feelings for tomorrow’s race.

Kronplatz Ski Hill, Italy

Kronplatz Ski Hill, Italy


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