December 5, 2009: My Second Worst Race Day Ever

Carreza, Italy Europa Cup PGS - December 2009

Carreza, Italy Europa Cup PGS - December 2009

Carreza, Italy – To put simply, today was a very bad day. The second worst race day I think I’ve ever had in my entire career. The first being the last Olympic qualifying race four years ago when I didn’t make it. While today’s race didn’t carry the same level of importance, it fed off those feelings of the past. Actually it didn’t just feed off of it, it swallowed it whole.

I’d like to recap as factual and non-emotional as possible. (My first initial draft of today was quite the irrational and non-productive outpouring of emotions. Bad emotions.) The PGS was a difficult set, starting with a turny steep section and going into rollers onto the flats. The snow was questionable with a lot of soft snow in the course line, which we were not able to slip out due to dirt and grass already peaking through. Starting 63rd I pulled out with the intention of having a round line; getting late in that course would be detrimental to a fast time. I made it down the steeps upright and got through the flats. The run felt okay, no huge mistakes, but my time was so slow. Embarrassingly slow. I wish I had never gotten out of bed that morning.

I later had a conversation with Coach Mark and here are a few key points:

  • I absolutely absolutely absolutely need to increase my aggressivity (his word) and go all out every single race run. I need to race on the edge, barely making it through the course, and really let me desire show itself. My thought in the start should be to go fast.
  • The technical thing to work on in my riding that will get me faster is to get that board up on edge.
  • In a course I should take the straightest line possible while keeping it in the fall line, and not let the board travel across the hill. The board should never be perpendicular to the fall line, but should be roughly 45 degrees coming out of the turn and then 45 degrees going into the new turn.
  • Men are super committed and will correct within the turn but their attitude is to make it work and get down no matter what.
  • I need to maintain a super strong focus and not get so down on myself. I have a big goal and need to stay strong to get there. I can’t quit; I need to look at things on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, and not so far down the line.
Carreza, Italy Europa Cup PGS - View from the Top

Carreza, Italy Europa Cup PGS - View from the Top


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