December 14, 2009: I Heart Telluride

Town of Telluride

Town of Telluride

Telluride, Colorado – I started off the drive from Grand Junction to Telluride in really good spirits and excitement for the upcoming races. I was also happy to go to Telluride, a beautiful mountain resort in the middle of nowhere, where I had visited before in the summer but never in the winter. Unfortunately the drive was horrendous due to heavy snow and gusting winds. At one point going up the mountain I almost turned back because visibility was about 10 feet, my windshield wiper wasn’t working well, there were too two trucks on the side of the road that were shoveling themselves out, and there were several inches of fresh powder on the road with no tracks leading up the mountain. But right before I turned around, a white knight/angel car passed me, leading the way to Telluride through some very questionnable roads. The drive was incredibly long, slow-going and very sketchy, but I like to think that someone up there sent me this beacon of guidance.

Telluride is absolutely breathtaking, perhaps one of my top 3 favorite resorts. The town itself is nestled in a valley surrounded on three sides by towering spires of mountains, jagged peaks and indigenous rock formations. On one side of the mountains are several lifts going thousands of feet up to the Mountain Village, which is only the vertical center of the resort. From there are even more lifts that take you up to the treelined peaks of the 11,000 – 12,000 feet mountains, lending to amazing vistas and awesome terrain. Just beautiful.

There was no training allowed today so we just freerode and experienced only a portion of this majestic mountain. The weather was agreeable, the snow was uncompromised, the freeriding was perfect. It was one of those days where I completely understood, without a doubt, why I love this sport so much. It made the down days almost worth it. I had to forcefully stop myself from taking more enjoyable runs in order to rest up for tomorrow’s race.

Walking back to the hotel after dinner I saw a huge and bright shooting star. Believe shooting stars are lucky omens, I screamed with delight (scaring my friend) while feeling the magic of this place. The angel in the road and the shooting star must be signs of great things to come!


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