December 16, 2009: Keep Legs Extended on Heelsides

Mountains of Telluride

Mountains of Telluride

Telluride, Colorado – Last night I went out for a bit and played pool to let off a bit of steam from the race. It felt good to let loose a little; I feel so wound up most of the time so it was good to relax and unwind.

Today I took a couple of runs in the training course next to the race hill. The first one felt good but I think I ran over a couple of stubbies on my heelside which may have been a DQ (disqualification) according to the rule that the entire board has to go around the stubby. But my teammate said that despite that, those were good turns. My only thought on that run was to be aggressive. After my second run Coach Mark gave me some feedback. He said that the first few heelside turns coming off of the flats and into the pitch were slidey. I would be in a good position to just put the board up on edge and carve it but for some reason I slide out the back instead of trusting myself that putting the board on edge will get the direction change I need. He did say that after those couple of gates I would start to trust myself and carve the bottom.

After Coach Mark and I took a couple of freeruns and it was so fun! We went to a different part of the mountain and rode probably the longest lift I’ve ever ridden. The terrain we passed was amazing and there were hardly people on it. During freeriding Coach Mark said I had good turns but I told him that I felt I was going too straight and my turn shape wasn’t wide enough like in a course. To fix that he said to keep my legs extended a bit longer on the heelside turn; that will get the snappy come-out-of-a-turn-across-the-hill movement I needed for turnier turns. And that worked. I could feel the snap at the end of the heelside turn and the board shooting across laterally. So that’s how you get across the hill without actually having the board travel laterally across the hill. Intriguing. And cool.

So it was a good day. I focused on staying aggressive both in the course and in my freeriding and that seems to work the best for me. So that’ll be my sole focus for tomorrow: Be aggressive. And the speed will come.


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