December 17, 2009: A Comedy of Errors

Telluride World Cup - Dec 2009

Telluride World Cup - Dec 2009

Telluride, Colorado – I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about today. Obviously I want to cry, but the hilarity of my run actually makes me want to laugh too.

I noticed when I was slipping the course that my edges were really sharp. I even had trouble getting a smooth slip in because they would catch too well. But I didn’t think too much of it. It’s always great to have sharp edges to cut through if the course is icy (which it wasn’t) or to really hold the edge and not slide out. Of course that means you really have to commit to the carve.

My sole focus was to be aggressive and get after it. As I was waiting for my run, I could feel the excitement building in me, the excitement that I was going to lay down an amazing run, the best run I’ve ever had or at least one equivalent to the best one I’ve ever had. I got into the start gate with the ‘bull’ mentality and went after it. I could feel the girl I was racing inching ahead of me and at that point I thought to myself, “I have to release the turn earlier than what I’m doing and really carve my heelsides.” (I’m actually surprised that I had that focused of a thought within a second of me riding.)  So I release my toeside turn earlier than usual, but instead of riding it out longer to get in the right position to crank out my heelside, I just flipped board and got it on edge as high as I could. My sharp edges caught and I carved right at the stubby, directly hitting it and slicing it off of its screwed in base. I didn’t get affected by running it over, but I did think, “Oh no, I just DQed” since my board had to have run over it to cut it off. I just kept going but saw the freed stubby take a beeline right down the center of my course, on a crash collision with my board. Then I thought, “I’ve gotta beat this stubby and get around it or I’m going to run over it. Again.” I accelerated through a toeside and got past it. (I later heard that it was still chasing me through the next heelside but I managed to get past it again.) Clearly my focus as well as my line was lost, and I jammed too hard on a heelside, washed out and fell. I got up and continued the course and also continued to cut off my heelside turn. I’m pretty sure I DQ’d on another gate but kept going. Then at the gate at the top of the pitch I cranked the heelside too early AGAIN and this time my body went fully inside the panel, DQing AGAIN. A fall, destruction of course equipment and possibly three DQs – my run contained probably the worst elements a run could have, save a crash in the fence or collision with my competitor.

I got down into the finish and just shook my head and almost laughed. What a show, a total comedy of errors. The only saving grace is that I was really going for it and even Coach Mark saw that. He also said I need to bring that into every training run. It was a huge lesson though and really showed me that I need to get familiar with what happens when I put that board on edge on a heelside. I just need to get used to it and know where it’ll take me in my line.


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