January 3, 2009: Temper, Temper

Saalbach/Hinterglemm, Austria – Today was an awful day. Fortunately I’m writing this way after the fact and I’ve already let today’s training day go so I can be objective about it and not too emotional with the “snowboarding hates me” mantra I had going up the gondola. The snow conditions were very inconsistent making for probably one of the most challenging courses I’ve had in a while. Actually I think it is the most challenging course I’ve ever had since I didn’t finish a single run today. I’d either DQ on the delay or hit a huge hole and blow out of the course. I felt like I had no control and the board was just getting away from me. I felt that my mental attitude was good and aggressive, but my body wasn’t following suit. My front leg was pretty sore from getting through the bumps from yesterday and I think overall I was tired. Just a crappy day. But on my last run Coach Mark said that those six gates that I made it through before blowing out were the best ones I had for the day and that I was carving them more than in my other runs. (Unfortunately I had already punished my board after that last run.) So that was a plus. But I was soooo angry throughout the day! It was like I couldn’t use that aggression on the course but instead it just came out after the run. It was definitely a test in controlling my temper. I haven’t seen that temper in a really long time. Hopefully next time I can use it for good instead of evil.


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