January 9, 2010: Finding the Fun Again

Marianske, Czech Rep Parallel Slalom

Marianske, Czech Rep Parallel Slalom

Marianske Lanze, Czech Republic – I have mixed feelings about today’s race. While it isn’t the result I had hoped for, it’s the best Europa Cup result I’ve had thus far this season. And I was riding well.

I went into today with the thought of having fun. All the races this season have been so stressful with me having to do this and get that result, and in the midst of some disappointing results and tears, I’ve forgotten the reason why I started racing in the first place: because I love it. And why do I love it? Because it’s fun. When I forget about the fun and just focus on the goal, my body, mind and spirit are never really relaxed and able to perform at its best. And frankly I’m tired of feeling so badly after races. I want to feel happy again.

My first run had a bobble at the top of the course but then I got it together and had a solid run. Even Coach Mark said it was good and felt that it was enough to garner a second run. But when I got to the bottom, my time was not as fast as I had thought it would be. After all the riders went, I was in 36th overall but I didn’t know where I stood in my course (they take the top 16 of each course for a second run). I still felt pretty good because without that mistake I rode well. But I really wanted a second run.

So I went to the top to wait it out. Eventually the unofficial list came out and I wasn’t on it. My head dropped. I was so sad because I was looking forward to a second run after a slew of one-run races. I tried to maintain my facial composure and fought back the urge for my eyes to well up. I gathered up my things and as I started riding away, I heard someone yelling my name so I stopped and hiked back up to the start. Turns out I wasn’t on the unofficial list because I was tied for 16th place in my course. I got a second run. Someone up there was throwing me a bone.

The second run was good but a few gates from the finish I shot out too wide on a fall away gate and ended up in the powder. Ah! So close to the finish. But I finished with my best Europa Cup result this season and I rode well save a few mistakes. Coach Mark agreed and said I was carving more on the second run. So it was a little bittersweet but it’s good to know that I’m improving. And I had a little fun too.


1 Response to “January 9, 2010: Finding the Fun Again”

  1. 1 kayano14 January 10, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    Good that you’re able to step back and remind yourself of why you started this journey, Eden!

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