January 14, 2010: Doing My Best

Nendaz, Switzerland – The Europa Cup was set on a fairly terrain-y slope, nothing steep but roll-y with some offsets. But that wasn’t the challenging part. The challenging part was the super turny set that you really had to set up for. Going too straight even on just one gate was a time killer as it would take several gates, as well as time, to get back on track. You had to be near technically perfect to race well. And as past blogs indicate, turny courses are not my forté.

Most of the World Cup field participated since the upcoming World Cup is in three days on the same slope. My start number was 64, in the back of the pack. I don’t mind starting towards the end of the field because a rut is established by the time I start and I can witness areas in the course where people make mistakes. But it was a really cold day and the lower part of my body, especially my feet, was freezing up.

After watching several girls, I knew I had to go really round, particularly on the first three gates. Before I went I stared at the point high above the second gate where I wanted to switch edges and initiate my turn. The first three gates felt good; I set up for them correctly and didn’t feel like I lost speed. But going into the flats I lost my focus and overturned on a heelside and dumped all my speed. I stayed on my feet and kept going. Then my straight riding came into play and I was cutting off heelside turns, and on one my nose of the board went over the stubby and I possibly DQ’ed if the gate judge caught it. I finished the course and it felt fine, but was out of contention.

I’m not sure how I feel. I wasn’t in tears like I normally am after a bad race, I wasn’t angry and I definitely wasn’t happy. But at the time, I was doing the best I could. And the mistakes are part my riding and ability so I have to accept them as part of doing the best I can do. The question did cross my mind for the first time this season, ‘Is my best going to be good enough?’

Regardless of what happens, I am doing my best. Given the resources and time I’ve had to dedicate to this goal, I can confidently say that.


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