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May 30, 2009: Sad Day in Snowboarding

French snowboard phenom, Karine Ruby, died yesterday in a mountain climbing accident while training to become a mountain guide on Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in western Europe. She was thirty-one.

Karine was truly one of the female pioneers in the world of snowboarding. She took the gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics when snowboarding was first introduced to the Games, and was the silver medalist in the 2002 Winter Olympics. She was world champion six times over and had 60+ World Cup wins. I think she had the most number of World Cup wins of any athlete.

When I first started racing, Karine was someone I was completely in awe of. She wasn’t the biggest girl out there which made her even more amazing that she was beating everyone despite her smaller frame. She was a powerful but smooth rider and I don’t think I ever saw her crash. She always raced with her long hair in a braid, tied at the end with a small stuffed animal. And she was always very nice, saying hello to me each time we passed. That speaks volumes of someone when a person of her athletic caliber was so friendly to the ‘little people’ trying to make their own mark in such a competitive sport.

I will always remember her as one of snowboarding’s greats, who not only had the physical talent to be the world’s best but also the integrity of a true champion.


New Corporate Sponsor! Telegent Systems

I would like to introduce, welcome and thank my newest corporate sponsor, Telegent Systems. Special thanks to Sam Sheng and Geoff Ribar for their amazing support.

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I’d also like to again thank Talas Engineering (, the Believe Group ( as well as all my sponsors for their continued support! I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful and generous group of people behind me in this amazing endeavor. I would not be here without all of you!

August 2008: Back on Track

After the 2006 Olympic season, I returned to full-time employment in an effort to satisfy financial obligations that had accumulated from previous years of professional racing. While I was working full-time, I was able to continue physical training and maintain a limited race schedule which included the 2007 World Championships. Now with the 2010 Winter Olympics looming ahead, I’ve once again left the corporate world behind and rededicated my life to full-time competitive snowboard racing, with a renewed vigor of achieving the goal of making it to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and becoming the first female representative of the Philippines to compete in any Winter Olympics.

While I had a great opportunity to foster a career in the corporate world, I could not pass up the chance to make history and achieve my Olympic dream. I am fortunate enough to have the skill set and years of experience to be able to accomplish this goal, and have been given this unique opportunity to bring pride and glory to the country of my heritage.

April 2006: A Strong Finish

After a two month break from training and racing, I continued the season with a World Cup where I achieved a top 25, just one race too late! I placed exactly 25th, my best World Cup result to date and what I had needed to qualify for the Olympics that took place the prior month. While the timing was off, I am happy to know that I am capable of achieving the Olympic criteria and that despite the disappointment of not participating in the 2006 Winter Games, I finished the season strong.

I also competed in the 2006 North American National Championships in Crystal Mountain, Washington, where again I achieved my best results at that race level, a 9th in PGS and 15th in PSL. My short hiatus from training seemed to be very beneficial and exactly what I needed to really race at my best.

Unfortunately, this last push to qualify for the Winter Olympics included an intense training and racing schedule which drained my financial resources. I do plan to continue racing and compete in the Philippine Snowboard Team’s fourth consecutive Snowboard World Championships in Switzerland in January 2007. And when funding permits I will return to full-time racing for another shot at becoming the first Filipina in a Winter Olympics, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada.

February 2006 : 2006 Winter Olympics ~ Close But Not This Time

It is with great disappointment to tell you that despite all the hard work and tremendous support, I did not qualify for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy. After the five qualifying World Cup races, I achieved only one of the two criteria and was unable to obtain the Top 25 result needed to participate.
I gave it my all but it was not meant to be. Not this time.

It has been a difficult time accepting this fate. The past six years have been a tremendous road full of adventures, great experiences and athletic growth. I hope to have increased the exposure of the Philippines and its athletic prowess in all types of sports, and hopefully encouraged and inspired others along the way.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your continued support, motivation and good wishes, for I would not have made it this far without you. It has been an honor and privilege to represent you.